Show Stoppers

  1. Course Explorer - still styling and will pull in.
  2. Need to add to Faculty Advisors in directory/my.aces.
  3. Newsletter sign-up form.

Content Questions (not show-stoppers)

  1. Agronomy text from Chris Lampbert
  2. Giving page - add photos?


  1. All buttons/contact for Request information - Slate form is now linked. Give Susan Coppess any feedback.
  2. What We Do and Why It Matters - now linked to my.aces. Any updated need to be done in biodata.
  3. Edit Research areas in my.aces and edit each faculty member to have the correct research area applied.
  4. Split Staff into Staff, Research, and Extension/Outreach. Change to photo grid.
  5. Giving page - approved 12/10/21.
  6. Style the Events calendar.

Future Options

Will launch, but these are first on the priority list:

  1. Faculty Explorer - will not use until we can figure out the Drupal cache issue.